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New President at the Confederation of Paper Industries
16 July 2018
The Confederation of Paper Industries is delighted to announce the election of Richard Coward as its President; effective from its Council meeting on 20th June. Richard, Group Managing Director of Rigid Containers Ltd, steps up from the position of CPI Vice President and succeeds Patrick Willink, who served as President for four years.

CPI welcomes the move by Morrisons supermarket to introduce 100% recyclable paper bags for loose fruit and veg in place of plastic bags
26 June 2018
CPI notes that there has been some comment around an existing Environment Agency report entitled EA Life Cycle assessment of supermarket carrier bags: a review of the bags available in 2006.This, now somewhat dated report, did not consider the introduction of a carrier bag tax, the effects of littering on land or in marine environments, the ability and willingness of consumers to change behaviours or any adverse impacts of degradable polymers in the recycling stream. It also considered regular carrier sized bags, rather than these small lightweight bags to contain loose fruit and veg. We also note that Life Cycle Analysis methodology has advanced considerably in recent years.

CPI Challenges Government to Deliver a Brexit for Business
21 May 2018
Continued uncertainty over the outcome of the Brexit negotiations is having a growing impact on the UK’s Paper-based industries. As the date of Brexit approaches, businesses are left in limbo not knowing whether to prepare for a new long-term trading relationship or a hard “no deal” Brexit.

UK Papermakers Continue to Improve their Carbon Efficiency
11 April 2018
The European Commission has published a record of 2017 site emissions of fossil carbon for energy and industrial sites across the European Union.

After allowing for changes in production levels, the figures show that the amount of EU ETS-reported carbon dioxide emitted by UK paper mills (per tonne of production) continues to fall – by around a third in just ten years.

Actual emissions show a slight overall increase of 1.1%, caused by an increase in production of 4.8% over the same period.

Economic Value Report reveals £11.5 Billion Contribution of the
UK’s Paper-based Industries

Confederation of Paper Industries seeks Industry Sector Deal with Government
20 March 2018
Relevant to over 140,000 jobs, the Confederation of Paper Industries’ (CPI) first ever Economic Value Report has set out the importance of the UK’s Paper-based Industries to the UK economy.

The headlines of the Economic Value of the UK’s Paper-based Industries are:

• Nearly 1,500 companies
• 56,000 direct jobs and a further 86,000 indirect jobs
• £11.5 billion turnover
• £4 billion gross value added.

Paper Industry Welcomes New Apprentices
22 January 2018
Under the Government’s review of future apprenticeships programmes, and following the development of a new Apprenticeship standard in Papermaking, Essity Trafford Park Mill in Manchester opened its doors to the first intake of new apprentices representing eight paper mills from across the UK.

Trainer Dr Steve Mann with apprentices Jacob Givelin-Davis, Mahmoud Ibrahim, Alex Kennedy, James Supple, Amos Aschilean, Jacob Inman, Stephen Hull, Zoe Collis, Joshua Howe, Matt Lowther, Georgia Irving, Michael Gardner, Brandon Hartley, Jake Cairns and Jim Lang, UK Operations Director, Consumer Goods, at Essity.

No George Monbiot, corrugated cardboard is not likely to be from rainforest
12 January 2018
A statement from the Confederation of Paper Industries in response to the article by George Monbiot in the Guardian of 11th January 2018 entitled “May’s plastic plan is big on gimmicks, but it won’t cut waste”.

Collaboration is the Key to Sustainable Solution for used Coffee Cups
8 January 2018
The Confederation of Paper Industries (CPI) welcomes the focus that the Environmental Audit Committee (EAC) has brought on the issue of recycling, not just for used coffee cups, but also other ‘on the go’ packaging.

CPI Broadens OPRL Ownership
12 December 2017
CPI is the latest organisation with an interest in materials recycling to join the expanding ownership of OPRL Ltd, the not-for-profit running the UK’s most widely recognised packaging recycling label scheme. It is a further step in the migration of the company to sit at the heart of the recycling sector.

CPI Pleased that EU ETS Revisions will Permit Continued UK Compliance for 2018
4 December 2017
CPI is pleased to report that the EU Climate Change Committee (comprised of Member State representatives) set rules for 2018 compliance at their meeting last week. The new rules mandate that as long UK compliance is completed by 15 March 2019, then 2018 allowances issued by the UK Government will not be marked in any way and can be used for compliance in the normal manner.

UK at risk of £600 Million Pound Budget Black Hole as Brexit discussions on EU Emissions Trading System reach end game
20 November 2017
In the event of a no-deal Brexit, the UK will leave the EU wide Emissions Trading System before the reporting of 2018 emissions is completed. Because of this, the European Commission has proposed legislation that prevents any allowances issued by the UK Government (after 1st January 2018) from being used for compliance.

Gas Security – Request for an Urgent Inquiry
16 November 2017
CPI is concerned that the growing risks to gas security pose an urgent and serious threat to economic growth and employment .Following the announcement of the imminent closure of the Centrica Rough Gas storage facility, the level of UK gas storage relative to demand has dropped dramatically at a time when the geo-political risks to imports have increased significantly. We have therefore written, with other interested parties, to the BEIS Secretary of State the Rt. Hon. Greg Clark MP urging him to launch a new inquiry into gas security, with particular reference to the adequacy of UK storage, gas price security and the possibility of taking some form of regulatory action to mitigate the impact of increased energy price volatility.

Read the letter

EU ETS – Commission Brexit Rule Changes Cause Uncertainty for UK Paper Mills
31 October 2017
The European Commission has moved prematurely to change the rules that govern the allocation of EU European Trading System (EU ETS) permits to UK operators without reference to the Brexit negotiations.

CPI has consistently called for the UK to commit to staying in EU ETS until the completion of the current phase that ends 31/12/2020 – such an agreement would remove uncertainly and mean obligated companies could plan for compliance with certainty.

Recycling & Reprocessing Associations Make a Stand at RWM 2017
31 August 2017
Visitors to RWM 2017 looking to gain an in-depth understanding of the UK’s recycling, secondary materials and reprocessing capability, capacity and industry challenges should head to the Recycling & Reprocessing Associations’ stand in hall 4.

The centrally located stand will be home to 10 of the sector’s most influential organisations: Alupro, British Glass, British Plastics Federation, Confederation of Paper Industries, RECOUP, Resource Association, Textile Recycling Association, The Alliance of Beverage Cartons and the Environment UK (ACE), The Recycling Association and the Wood Recyclers’ Association.

Call on Government Ministers for Help on China Ban
9 August 2017
We have joined forces with the Recycling Association by writing to four Ministers to request support on the WTO announced ban.

New bill must establish effective ‘trade remedies’
30 June 2017
Joint letter published in Financial Times.

Sandbach School’s “Party in a Box” wins Packaging Competition
12 July 2017
A unique design with original artwork and ideas has won Sandbach School in Cheshire this year’s Confederation of Paper Industries’ (CPI) PaperWorks Design and Technology competition for Cardboard Packaging.

New bill must establish effective ‘trade remedies’
30 June 2017
Joint letter published in Financial Times.

CPI Biennial Health and Safety Conference Provides Innovation, Inspiration and Information
27 June 2017
A plethora of professionals from many different disciplines left delegates at the Confederation of Paper Industries (CPI) Biennial Health and Safety Conference better informed and ready to challenge the status quo.

Throughout the two days the emphasis was on engaging with delegates, enabling expert speakers to not only provide high level information, but also get a real sense of issues faced by CPI Member companies, and deliver hints, tips and guidance.

Business Expects Government to Lay Secure Foundations for Future Growth
9 June 2017
In the immediate aftermath of the UK General Election, the Confederation of Paper Industries (CPI) believes that, however the next government is formed, it needs to provide a steady environment in which business can thrive.

Papermaking Sector Beats its Climate Change Agreements Target for 2015-16
1 June 2017
Improvements in the energy efficiency of UK paper mills during the two-year period 2015-16 have outstripped targets set out in the Government’s Climate Change Agreements scheme by around 38%.

Corrugated Packaging Helps Prevent Food Waste
22 May 2017
CPI recognises the benefits that corrugated packaging brings to delivering food in optimum condition and supports the European Parliament’s resolution on “Resource efficiency: reducing food waste, improving food safety”, adopted on 16 May 2017.

Call for New Government to Take Action
16 May 2017

CPI has set out five key policy asks of the new Government which will enable the UK’s Paper-based Industries to take off and support sustained manufacturing growth.

The details behind each policy ask, along with an explanation of the important role that the UK’s Paper-based Industries fill as a springboard for growth and as an enabling sector, can be viewed in CPI’s position paper 'The Future of UK Paper - A Growth Springboard Sector'.

Industry and Unions in United Call for Post-Brexit Trade Remedies
9 May 2017
Seven manufacturing trade associations have been joined by Unite, GMB and Community trade unions in demanding that politicians include strong new ‘trade remedies’ within their manifestos. Ahead of manifesto publication, the 10 organisations set out in a position paper the precise strong action that is needed. They have also written directly to policy chiefs in the main political parties.

Corrugated Industry Displays Ingenuity with Liners and Coatings
20 April 2017
Corrugated coated substrates, such as ethylene absorbing board used in fruit and vegetable trays, are helping in the battle against food waste by slowing down unwanted ripening, playing a significant role in improving further in-store shelf life and food freshness, says the Confederation of Paper Industries (CPI).

Figures Released by the European Union Emissions Trading System (EU ETS) Confirm a Continued Fall in Emissions from UK Paper Mills 
4 April 2017
Official 2016 emissions data has just been released and the downward trend in emissions from the sector has continued. 2016 emissions are 3.4% lower than those in 2015, and an impressive 48.5% lower than in 2008. 

Corrugated is a Standard Bearer for High Performance Packaging
29 March 2017
CPI has introduced the Common Footprint Quality (CFQ) standard for the UK’s fresh produce industry, providing further confirmation that the tray being used will provide safe and high performance packaging for fruit and vegetables. Three Corrugated companies in the UK - DS Smith, Saica Pack and Smurfit Kappa - have all adopted the quality standard to create a benchmark for packaging that takes into account both the produce to be packed and the distance it travels.

Spring Budget – CPI Submission to the Chancellor
1 March 2017
CPI Director General, Andrew Large, has written to the Chancellor outlining the key issues facing the Paper Industry with recommendations for the forthcoming Spring Budget.

Corrugated Packaging Packs Pedal Power
27 February 2017
A manufacturer of bespoke road and mountain bikes turned to corrugated when it wanted a complete makeover of its packaging to visually reflect the vibrancy and feel-good factor of the brand when it reached the consumer.

Recycle or Not to Recycle? - YouGov Poll Uncovers Lack of Understanding About Food Contaminated Corrugated Cardboard
19 December 2016
Research commissioned by CPI has revealed that when asked to choose who is most responsible for ensuring that recyclable packaging from the home is of good enough quality to be recycled, 45% of respondents said the onus was on the household, while 38% believed that it was down to the packaging manufacturers or the reprocessors of recyclable material, with a further 8% believing it should be down to local authorities.

A nationwide survey conducted by YouGov also found that more than half (55%) of 2,163 respondents would recycle paper and cardboard soiled with grease (for example a takeaway pizza box) because they thought it was the right thing to do, or were under the impression that the waste processing plant could remove it if it was not recyclable.

Corrugated Packaging Supplies Hygienic Case for Food
7 November 2016
Retailers can be sure that the food they transport for home delivery is adequately protected from contamination by using corrugated packaging, says CPI. Corrugated provides a safe and hygienic packaging system as it is used only once, before being recycled. The recycling process involves sufficiently high temperatures and the application of steam, conditions under which no bacteria can survive.

CPI Former Director General Wins Outstanding Contribution to the Industry at UK Packaging Awards
1 November 2016
CPI congratulates its former Director General, David Workman, on winning the Outstanding Contribution to the Industry award, at the UK Packaging Awards 2016 ceremony held at the Grosvenor House Hotel on 27 October 2016.

Innovative Corrugated Packaging Creating Supply Chain Benefits
25 October 2016
The UK Corrugated Packaging Industry is making significant strides to help streamline logistics operations thanks to the introduction of new grades of paper, says CPI. Novel technologies allow the reduction of paper weights, while keeping the same strength ratio for stacking purposes. Further advances involve optimising secondary packs for more efficient palletisation, which can help manufacturers utilise lorry and storage space more efficiently.

Autumn Statement - CPI Submission to the Chancellor
20 October 2016
The Confederation of Paper Industries (CPI) Director General, Andrew Large, has written to the Chancellor outlining the key issues facing the Paper Industry with recommendations for the forthcoming Autumn Statement.

Quality Assurance is Key to Maximising Corrugated Recycling Rates
3 October 2016
The Confederation of Paper Industries (CPI) Corrugated Sector is urging the waste industry and local authorities to do more to achieve greater collection consistency to help reverse the rise in recycling rejection rates, due to cross contamination.

CPI Sponsors Corrugated Category for UK Packaging Awards
19 September 2016
CPI is sponsoring the Corrugated: Online Retail and Consumer Goods category at this year’s UK Packaging Awards, taking place at the Grosvenor House Hotel in London on 27 October.

Materials Sectors Welcome Proposals for Greater Consistency in Recycling Collections - Joint Statement
13 September 2016
A joint statement from ACE-UK, Alupro, British Glass, Confederation of Paper Industries, RECOUP and the Resource Association has been published in response to the WRAP report on Greater Consistency in Household Recycling Collections.

Revisions to the National Paper Protocol and Changes to Requirements for Accreditation under Producer Responsibility
30 August 2016
After detailed consultation between industry bodies led by the CPI, and the Advisory Committee on Packaging, the Environment Agency (EA) and Defra, it has been agreed to increase the number of PRNs that can be claimed under mixed paper protocol 023 and to adopt BS EN643 as the EA agreed industry standard for approved reprocessors and exporters.

CPI Responds to Reports of Rejections from Local Recycling Collections
24 August 2016
Following several articles about the increase in rejections from local authority collections, CPI Director of Raw Materials, Simon Weston, has offered some comment as this is a matter that directly concerns members of CPI.

CPI Appoints New Director General
9 August 2016
The Confederation of Paper Industries is pleased to announce the appointment of Andrew Large as its Director General. Andrew will succeed David Workman who is due to step down at the end of September.

Corrugated Packaging Receives Accolade from Major Wine Company
9 August 2016
Award-winning Accolade Wines, the leading global new world wine company, decided to move away from a conventional standard ‘one size fits all’ secondary packaging for its six-packs of 75ml bottles of wine, to a box with high quality graphics which clearly reflects the premium, commercial and value brands on offer to customers.

Corrugated Supplier Delivers Savings for Cooling Systems Manufacturer
25 July 2016
During a traditional British summer, keeping cool may not pose much of a challenge, but a rise in temperatures will lead to a seasonal rush for air conditioning units. To help increase speed to market of its products and to cut costs, a specialist manufacturer of cooling systems has established a fully integrated corrugated assembly operation at its factory.

Warwickshire School’s Gorgeousness in a Pot Wins Packaging Competition
15 July 2016
A striking packaging design for garden plants has won St Benedict’s Catholic High School in Warwickshire this year’s Confederation of Paper Industries’ (CPI) PaperWorks Design and Technology competition for Cardboard Packaging.

Corrugated Packaging Brings Breath of Fresh Air to Online Retailer
8 July 2016
A corrugated packaging redesign has resulted in a recyclable and cost-saving logistics solution for a leading online fresh food ingredients supplier, as well as providing a fun, interactive opening experience for the company’s millions of customers.HelloFresh, which has grown into a multi-national online success story delivering delicious and healthy pre-packed food ingredients to homes here and overseas, was searching for a sustainable packaging solution that reflected its energetic brand image while protecting the fragile contents inside.

European Paper Industry Announces New Director General, Sylvain Lhôte
23 June 2016

The Confederation of European Paper Industries (CEPI) has announced the appointment of Sylvain Lhôte as its new Director General. As of 5 September 2016, Sylvain Lhôte will take over from the current Acting Director General, Jori Ringman. Mr Lhôte is currently Vice-president Governmental Affairs in Europe for Alcoa, the leading aluminium and light metals engineering group.

CPI Announces Corrugated CFQ Standard at London Produce Show
14 June 2016
CPI has announced it is set to launch a Common Footprint Quality (CFQ) standard for the UK’s fresh produce industry that will ensure safe and high performance corrugated packaging for fruit and vegetables.

Confederation of Paper Industries Publishes its Annual Review 2015-16
23 May 2016
The Review reflects on the challenges faced by Members across all aspects of the UK Paper Industry throughout 2015, along with insights into what 2016 holds.

The EU – Paper Votes to Remain
17 May 2016
The results of a survey of its Members by the Confederation of Paper Industries (CPI) indicate very strong support for the UK to remain within the EU: 60% were in favour of staying, 34% felt unable to express a view and 6% were in favour of leaving.

David Workman to Step Down as Director General of CPI
10 May 2016
CPI has announced that its Director General, David Workman, is to step down later this year, giving ample time for a successor to be appointed.

Corrugated Helps Improve Delivery for Fresh Produce
3 May 2016
Demands for fresh produce and flowers change with the season, which is why CPI believes corrugated offers great quality, sustainable and stand-out packaging at the most cost-effective price which assists in this fast changing environment.   

UK Paper Mills in EU ETS – 2015 Emissions Figures
25 April 2016
Official 2015 emissions data have now been released, and the
downward trend in emissions from the sector has continued – 2015 emissions being 8% lower than those in 2014 and 46% lower than in 2008. While some of this reduction can be attributed to investment in new power generation and a continued focus on energy efficiency, much of the reduction is caused by the closure of UK paper manufacturing.

EU ETS Post 2020 – CPI Calls for Equal Protection for All Industrial Sectors
11 April 2016
As part of the discussions to shape the European Union Emissions Trading System (EU ETS) post 2020, the British and French Governments have issued a discussion paper proposing tiered free allocation of carbon allowances based on questionable assessments of the extent to which specific industrial sectors are at competitive risk from carbon costs. If instigated, the proposals would fully support a limited number of sectors at the expense of other sectors also exposed to carbon leakage – this is simply wrong for a number of reasons.

UK Corrugated Industry is Helping Retailers to Cut Their Carbon Footprint
21 March 2016
Corrugated companies are helping retailers make savings in the supply chain and cut their carbon footprint by developing packaging solutions that maximise storage and reduce transport costs by enabling increased efficiencies, says CPI.

Corrugated Trays are True to Form for Fish and Chips
10 March 2016
A rapidly growing number of the UK's 10,500 fish and chip shops are opting for higher quality and sustainable corrugated takeaway containers as their primary choice of packaging to meet the demands of today's modern lifestyles.

EU Timber Regulation
7 March 2016
CPI welcomes the reported progress in preventing illegal material entering the European market. However, we continue to express concern over the uneven implementation between Member States and, in particular, no move to close the loophole due to the limited coverage of the legislation.

Wool and Corrugated Packaging Combination Creates a Guardian Angel for Life-Saving Drugs
12 February 2016
Corrugated has enabled an environmentally-friendly material to make the successful transition from protecting food to insulated packaging for life-saving vaccines as part of an innovative solution developed for the pharmaceutical cold chain distribution sector.

UK Paper Industry in Favour of Staying in a
Reformed EU

3 February 2016
The Confederation of Paper Industries (CPI) issued its January briefing to MPs last week in which CPI Director General, David Workman, sets out the case for the UK remaining within a reformed EU.

Corrugated Packaging Helping British Beer Go Down Well in the USA
27 January 2016
A combination of Americans warming to British beer and innovative corrugated packaging is helping a leading UK brewery gain an advantage in the highly competitive bottled ales market across the pond.



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