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Old-Fashioned Myth  


From interactive children’s books to paper batteries, anti-scan anti-copy technologies, even components of rockets and satellites, paper is constantly innovating.

As an expression of everyday life, paper has to be versatile and ready to respond to changing needs.

Be it in new printing

methods,intelligent packaging, scratch and sniff sensation books, or radio identification tags – paper delivers. All this is possible because of advanced technology.

The UK Paper Industry is highly efficient, modern, innovative and above all, clean.  It is not, as some may believe, a “smoke-stack relic of the nineteenth century”.  The UK Paper Industry continues to invest heavily, for example: a new modern newsprint machine producing 400,000 tonnes of newsprint a year (the largest capital investment in the industry for over a decade); £300m has been invested in developing a new state of the art containerboard machine making lightweight paper for the UK Corrugated Packaging Industry, and over £100m is being invested by a paper mill to eliminate fossil fuel carbon emissions.  The industry continues to make further investments in plant, machinery and in product innovation.

Thanks to the industry’s significant investment in automation for greater efficiency and advanced colour printing techniques, corrugated packaging has been transformed from simple boxes for conveying goods, to attractive shelf ready packaging with eye-catching promotional graphics.

Paper production is totally computerised and automated, with hundreds of the latest generation sensors and scanners handling the control processes for different parameters.  A typical modern papermaking machine costs up to £300m and will last for around 30 years.  The machine can produce up to 500,000 tonnes of paper per year with speeds reaching 2,000 metres per minute. A modern production line is up to 200 meters long, occupies a space equivalent to two football pitches and has a papermaking machine containing more electronics than a Boeing 747!14

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