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Bales of wood pulp or waste paper are conveyored into a large circular tank (hydrapulper) which contains water. The bales are broken up into smaller pieces and mixed with the water, then discharged into large storage tanks.

The pulp is diluted with water and is then referred to as 'stock'. The cellulose fibres then have to be passed through a refining process. Before refining the fibres are stiff and inflexible and if this was made into paper it would result in a weak and bulky paper. The stock is pumped through a refiner which has a series of revolving discs. This violent process cuts and opens up the fibres and makes the ends divide (known as fibrillation). The fibres become more pliable and improves fibre bonding.
Fibre Preparation Process

After refining, the stock is screened and cleaned to remove small impurities which could ruin the finished paper. The stock passes to a blending tank where chemicals and dyes can be added to obtain the required characteristics of the finished paper. After passing through a second cleaning system the stock is now ready for the paper machine.


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