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Paper Machine Stock Preparation Wire Section Dandy Roll Felts and Press Section Drying Cylinders Drying Cylinders Size Press Calender Jumbo Reel

Click onto each section of the machine for a description of the basic functions of that section

The Paper MachineThe Paper Machine is a very large piece of machinery. A typical machine is about the length of two football pitches and around 4 metres wide. It can run at speeds of up to 2000 metres per minute - or 60 miles per hour! The machine itself consists of 7 distinct sections which are the flow box, the wire, the press section, the drier section, the size press, the calendar and the reel-up.

Computer Control

The machine is operated by computer control. The computer will monitor the paper for things like moisture content and weight and computer screens will show pictures of the process. Should any adjustments need to be made that the computer cannot do on its own an alarm will sound to let the operator know that action is needed.


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