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Paper is such a flexible and versatile material. There are many different textures and colours, it can be made flat or made into 3-dimensional objects. Here are just some of the many different uses for paper, apart from writing on it or reading from it.

create with paperPapier Mache can be used to make all sorts of things. All you need is some old newspaper, wallpaper paste and some wire netting or mesh. Tear the newspaper into strips and leave them to soak overnight in the wallpaper paste, mixing it well. Then simply mould the wire netting into the shape you want (this could be an animal, or a pot to hold your pens and pencils), and start laying the strips over the wire and build up the layers until you have the shape you want. Once it is dry you can then paint it.

Try making a collage out of all your favourite pictures or using using fine coloured tissue paper to create your own stained glass window.

Make your own jigsaw puzzleYou can make masks out of thin card or decorate your own cardboard boxes. Why not make a jigsaw puzzle from cardboard or you can simply draw or paint a picture on a piece of paper.

Get creative at Christmas time and make your own Christmas Cards and even your own Christmas Crackers. Help with the decorations and make some paper chains from strips of different coloured paper. You could make some papier mache baubles for the tree.

There are so many ways you can create with paper. Get creative with your imagination and write a story, or read a book. Draw or paint a picture or make your own greetings cards. The list is endless!

Have a go and see just how creative you can be!


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