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corrugated manufacturing


Corrugated packaging is:

  • economic 
  • versatile
  • strong
  • hygienic
  • environmentally sound

The world is changing and the most successful companies will be those that best understand the new conditions for business. Partnership will become essential practice as organisations pool specialised skills and knowledge to gain competitive advantage.

This is something the corrugated packaging industry has long realised. It offers complete packaging solutions based on new and innovative products and processes, and companies are entering joint partnership arrangements to build specialised packaging plant.

Major investment in new technology and manufacturing plant is achieving new operating economies, which the industry passes on to its customers. Technology advances are complemented by 100 years’ experience of solving problems. A vast programme of research and development is leading to more economic products and more responsive customer service.

Whether you need to improve food preservation, protect electronic devices, or find more economic ways to distribute and store products, the corrugated packaging industry continues to discover new and surprising answers.

These are the key reasons why corrugated packaging is so popular. Corrugated packaging is one of the most environmentally sound materials. It is made from paper-based corrugated board and is unsurpassed in terms of economic and environmental performance. It is non-toxic, easily recyclable and produced only from recycled paper and sustainable forestry resources. (Tropical rainforest hardwoods are unsuitable for corrugated packaging and are not used). Corrugated packaging is flexible, offers exceptional strength-to-weight characteristics and is one of the most hygienic options available. It also offers a superb surface for printing - adding impact to packaging. These qualities, which have already made corrugated the world’s first choice in packaging, also make it the ideal material for the future.




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