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corrugated manufacturing


Corrugated packaging maximises protection while being space efficient, it is outstandingly versatile and has a fast design-to-delivery turnround. Add to this the economic benefits arising from increased production efficiency in the industry, and you can see why corrugated packaging is hard to beat.

Corrugated packaging solves four hundred thousand packaging problems every year. It is 35 per cent more cost effective than ten years ago and 20 per cent lighter with no reduction in its structural properties.
It is also the most versatile packaging. It can be printed or plain, have a smooth white outer surface for high quality graphic images and brown inside for improved economics.

Manufacturers produce about 60,000 different print styles every month, offering customers maximum scope for creative marketing. Corrugated packaging can be produced as slotted cases, glued or stitched, self locking or die cut.

It has a remarkable capacity for inspiring precision-engineered, custom-built constructions that maximise product protection during transit, storage and point-of-sale. No other packaging gets new products to market faster. Advanced design technology enables customised packaging to be developed and delivered in days, minimising both costs and time.

Corrugated packaging is also the most space efficient form of transportation packaging and is easily packed flat before and after use. A typical corrugated packaging box with a packed volume of 63,000 cubic centimetres will fold flat to about 8,000 cubic centimetres - making a space saving of over 85 per cent.

Not surprisingly, corrugated packaging remains the only economically dependable solution that produces cost savings at every stage of the distribution chain.




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