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The range of issues facing the industry shows no signs of narrowing, nor of their significance diminishing, and provides ample opportunity for CPI to engage with government on a range of policy and regulatory matters both in the UK and, through active participation through its European affiliations, in the European Commission and Parliament.  Critical over forthcoming months will be the re-negotiation of relationships following the Brexit vote.  European legislation underpins much domestic legislation, as well as trade relationships.

Environmental and energy concerns continue to dominate the agenda across the spectrum with, in particular, climate change, renewable energy sourcing, and carbon footprinting demanding considerable attention. 

It has become clear that national ambitions regarding the achievement of energy use targets are having a considerable impact on UK manufacturing operations and that all sectors of the paper industry are affected more or less directly. Concerns also began to surface regarding the possible diversion of biomass to energy provision and the possible effects on security of supply to the paper industry.

Changing global economic dynamics has provoked major adjustments to the industry’s geographical disposition, especially with regard to Eastern Europe and the Far East.  Trade in recovered paper continues to be dominated by the ravenous appetite for such material, particularly in China, dramatically reflected in the UK’s recovered paper export destination profile.




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