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Confederation of Paper Industries
The voice and face of the UK’s Paper-based Industries

The Confederation of Paper Industries (CPI) aims to unify the UK’s Paper-based Industries with a single purpose in promoting paper’s intrinsic value as a renewable and sustainable fibre-based material, enhancing its competitiveness through seeking to reduce legislative and regulatory impacts and in spreading best practice.

CPI represents the supply chain for paper, comprising paper and board manufacturers and converters, corrugated packaging producers, makers of soft tissue papers, and collectors of paper for recycling.

CPI is working to promote:

  • a positive image for paper
  • secure energy supplies at competitive prices
  • resource efficiency within a coherent waste strategy
  • the benefits of packaging
  • a sustainable UK Paper Industry
  • manufacturing as a vital part of a balanced economy
  • a competitive, level playing field for the UK’s Paper-based Industries

CPI represents 79 Member companies from an industry with an aggregate annual turnover of £11.5 billion, 56,000 direct and a further 86,000 indirect employees.  Members range in size from large multi-national organisations with multiple sites in the UK, to single site SMEs.

The ultimate governing body of the CPI is its Council, comprising senior representatives from its membership and from each sector of the supply chain.  CPI Council’s responsibilities include not only the overall strategy of CPI but also membership criteria; issue and policy priorities; and budgets and subscription levels.

The CPI consults and supports its Members through standing committees and sector bodies which are responsible to CPI Council.  Standing committees deal with the many and varied issues facing the industry and with the focused range of services provided to Members.  Sector bodies are governed by their own sector councils and are responsible for approving sectoral policy on sector specific issues and for overseeing the work of sectoral committees.


CPI Council comprises the following:

  1. one senior representative from each of its Members, who together provide over 80% of CPI’s membership subscription;
  2. one senior representative from each of the sector bodies, namely Corrugated Packaging; Papermaking; Recovered Paper; and Tissue, and
  3. the CPI’s Director General.

The Officers of CPI are the President; Immediate Past President; Vice President; and Treasurer. 

The President, who is elected by CPI Council and holds office for a term of two years, presides as Chairman of all meetings of CPI Council.

The Officers and Director General are normally directors of CPI and sit on its Finance and Management Board (FMB) together with the CPI Company Secretary.

The purpose of the FMB is to oversee the business, finances and affairs of the CPI with delegated authority of the CPI Council.

The Director General is responsible for the day-to-day running of the organisation, and is supported by CPI staff who provide the expertise necessary to guarantee that the CPI’s objectives are met and its operations are undertaken in a professional and cost-effective manner.

It is the general policy of CPI to comply with all laws applicable to its activities. This general policy includes strict compliance with UK and EU Competition Law.

CPI has a specific Competition Law Policy which applies to all activities of CPI.  It is the responsibility of CPI staff and each and every CPI Member to ensure compliance with this policy. Click here to see the policy statement.


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