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The Confederation of Paper Industries (CPI) is the leading organisation working on behalf of the UK's Paper-based Industries.

CPI represents the supply chain for paper, comprising paper and board manufacturers and converters, corrugated packaging producers, makers of soft tissue papers and collectors of paper for recycling.

CPI Statement on BBC Watchdog Programme and Pizza Boxes

“On the evening of Tuesday 2nd May, the BBC Watchdog consumer programme screened a short feature on the recyclability of pizza boxes. The feature is close to the end of the programme, which can be viewed on BBC iplayer at It was filmed some weeks ago and the programme makers were in contact with CPI and were advised that the industry position was under review and likely to change. Since then, and as a result of an on-going review by the CEPI Raw Materials committee and independent of the programme, we are delighted to announce a revision to guidelines being given to the public and local authorities on the recyclability of food stained and marked packaging. Industry guidance is as now follows:

Pizza boxes that are stained or marked should be considered recyclable and can now be collected in the usual paper and board stream. Stains or marks from contact with food do not prohibit paper and board from being recycled. Contamination with food stuffs is not acceptable. Food stuffs means visible quantities of pieces of food. Packaging containing solid food should be cleaned so there is no solid food contamination before being recycled. If cleaning is impossible, it should be discarded with the residual waste.

Society is changing and the paper packaging industry recognises the need to adapt to evolving social habits and the requirements of its customers. This change is an acknowledgement of the need to align industry’s needs with those of its stakeholders and society at large. CPI continues to work with the industry to agree consistent public messages about recyclability that are simple, realistic and realisable within UK recovery and recycling systems.”

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CPI Challenges Government to deliver a Brexit for Business
Continued uncertainty over the outcome of the Brexit negotiations is having a growing impact on the UK’s Paper-based industries. As the date of Brexit approaches, businesses are left in limbo not knowing whether to prepare for a new long-term trading relationship or a hard “no deal” Brexit.

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CPI Launches 'Beyond the Box' Campaign

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